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SPA-Q will meet with the QBSA to help in the development of a licensing information statement for solid plastering QLD 

In the link the last paragraph is allowing us to finish our walls in the applications of membranes or manufactured coatings proprietary lines this is great news for solid plastering that need a warranty on the system for clients. Ref paint manufactured goods or cement manufactured goods


We will be seeking a review of our Workcover Qld status also as we are not plaster/ceiling liners and are our own licensed trade as such we could be have been paying a higher rate for premiumns depending on your companies circumstances 5.025% generally.


SPA-Q is getting a great deal of industry insight and information as we travel the state for training and upskilling (CSIF & DIISRTE).  As to the needs of solid plastering the flow on of this is education and communication if we talk we can take positive Action statewide.

If you would like to possibly gain a trade qualification in cert 111 solid plastering please contact SPA-Q for details.(SkillsTech Aust-SPA-Q)

National occupational licensing authority (NOLA) may mean deregulation of our trade? ASK QBSA



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