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SOLID PLASTERING ALLIANCE QUEENSLAND (SPA-Q) would like to announce that throughout Queensland and Australia, we are developing an improved standards of finishing in an attempt to widen our industry's involvement in the future of Construction.

SPA-Q intends to regain ground lost in our industry from outside influences. We are embarking on technical services and industry specifications across a broadening spectrum of the construction industry. These will include but are not limited to new technology implementation as part of its ongoing involvement with manufactured goods and suppiers to increase knowledge and practicality.

Our aims are to offer Solid Plastering Industry Seminars that will cover the following:

  • Contractor education
  • Work sourcing
  • Costings and Estimating
  • Greater explanation of the BCIP Act 2004
  • Current wage line and superannuation details
  • Product procurement and evaluation to increase output.

Please register your interest via email to or via the suggestions box on the SPA-Q website.

Further news on other developments will be offered. 

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